The Excellent AdVenture is an event that was released on September 1st, 2016.

In "The Excellent AdVenture" you are travelling back in time to sell your futuristic wares to aid the people of years past. Press the small teal Time Machine button in the corner of any investment icon to apply the Skip Time Machine. Once applied, hit the "Skip Time!!" button to warp your profit payout into the future!
You can apply the Skip Time Machine to every investment and then speed up its effect using Gold! Checkout the Shop items, "Back to the Profits" and "The Capitalistic Effect"!

On May 2nd 2017, the event became replayable, and got two Special Event Sale items.

 Businesses Edit

Icon Business Base Cost Coefficient Initial Time(s) Base Profit
Dino Shock Collars
Dino Shock Collars $2.75 1.75 5 0.50
Pyramid Cranes
Pyramid Cranes $5.75 2.00 8 1.50
7 Blade Viking Razors
7 Blade Viking Razors $8.75 2.25 11 2.50
Horse GPS
Horse GPS $11.75 2.50 14 3.50
Medieval Soap on a Rope
Medieval Soap on a Rope $17.75 2.75 17 10.50
Camel AC Units
Camel AC Units $45.00 3.00 20 30.00
Sabretooth Litterboxes
Sabretooth Litterboxes $86.25 3.50 35 72.50
Bubonic Mouse Traps
Bubonic Mouse Traps $137.50 4.00 45 135.00
Pirate Ship Outboard
Pirate Ship Outboard $256.25 4.50 60 262.50

Note: You start with one free business of each type. The base cost is what that business would have cost. (This keeps this table compatible with the Businesses table for Earth.)

 Managers Edit

Icon Manager Business Cost
Dr. Grant Murphy Dr. Grant Murphy Dino Shock Collars 150.00
Murdoch Bros. Murdoch Bros. Pyramid Cranes 300.00
Crusader Sasha Crusader Sasha 7 Blade Viking Razors 500.00
Corny McGallop Corny McGallop Horse GPS 1,000.00
Sir Clean Ace Sir Clean Ace Medieval Soap on a Rope 2,000.00
Davin The Hoff Seagull Davin "The Hoff" Seagull Camel AC Units 4,000.00
Zachy Schreiber Zachy Schreiber Sabretooth Litterboxes 8,000.00
Tomas Eeks Tomas Eeks Bubonic Mouse Traps 16,000.00
Ol' Bailey Jack Ol' Bailey Jack Pirate Ship Outboard 32,000.00


All cash upgrades apply to all businesses in this event.

Name Multiplier Cost
Great Scott 10.21 $25,000.00
Groundhog Daze 20.15 $270,000.00
Excellent AdVenture 10.26 $280,000,000.00
I Need Your Boots 19.85 280 billion
And Your Motorcycle! 10.21 290 trillion
Jacuzzi Time Machine 20.15 300 quadrillion
Edge of Yesterday 10.26 315 quintillion
12 Monkey Loop 19.85 32.5 sextillion
Dr. Who's the Boss? 10.21 3.4 septillion
Time and Space 20.15 3.5 octillion
Give Me My Space! 10.26 3.6 nonillion
Way Back! 19.85 3.7 decillion
Sherman 10.21 3.7 undecillion
Peabody 20.15 3.8 duodecillion
Behind The Bookcase! 10.26 3.9 tredecillion
Navigator's Flight 19.85 4.05 quattordecillion
Paris in the Nighttime 10.21 4.15 quindecillion
Look Out for the Mor(un)locks! 20.15 4.25 sexdecillion

Angel UpgradesEdit

Name Effect Cost
2001: What Just Happened Angel Investor Effectiveness + 1 % 250 million Angels
88mph Angel Investor Effectiveness + 2% 270 trillion Angels
Wormholy-moly! Angel Investor Effectiveness + 3 % 29 quintillion Angels
Deja Vu Angel Investor Effectiveness + 4 % 3 septillion Angels
Save the Whales! Angel Investor Effectiveness + 5 % 33 Octillion Angels

Gold Upgrades Edit

Back to the Profits Gold Upgrade
The Capitalist Effect Gold Upgrade

Trivia Edit

  • This is notable for having the first manager, Crusader Sasha, that isn't a parody or reference. She is from Crusader of the Lost Idols and her artwork is directly from the game itself.

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