Moon Swag (12 items)

Swag items
Quantity Business Swag Acquired
1 Angel Investor* Angel above shoulder
160 Moon Shoe Robot serving you a glass of oxygen
380 Gravity Booth Money bag (open), on the left side
120 Payday Clone Two clones behind you
400 Moon Express Golden Moon Buggy
720 Oxygen Bar Alien looking building behind left shoulder
200 Helium-3 Farm A moneybag
800 Amusement Park Rollercoaster "Moon Racer" behind right shoulder
1000 Werewolf Colony Werewolves on the building
100 Giant Laser Two moneybags with money floating around
400 Giant Laser The Giant Laser behind right shoulder
2048 Cheese Mine Cheese Moon above head

*Exclusive to versions available on Kongregate, Steam, and mobile.

Gameplay Businesses · Unlocks (Moon) · Swag (Moon) · Managers
Upgrades Cash Upgrades (Moon) · Angel Upgrades (Moon) · Gold Upgrades
Other Planets Earth · Mars

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