Below is a list with the items in the Swag menu portrait on Earth, and the milestones needed to acquire them.

Quantity Business Swag
1 Angel Investor* Angel above shoulder
1 Flux Capitalor A Flying DeLorean DMC-12 (car

from Back to the Future)

25 Lemonade Stand Moneybags x2
100 Movie Studio Tophat
300 Donut Shop Moneybags x3
400 Shrimp Ship
400 Hockey Team Moneybags x2
600 Newspaper Delivery Suit/Cash in hand
800 Bank Mansion with Helicopter
900 Everything Monocle
1000 Car Wash Car
1300 Oil Company Moon Base
2000 Everything Cellphone and Moneybag in hand
*Exclusive to versions available on Kongregate, Steam, and mobile.
2016-07-21 1256

What a player might look like after unlocking all swag-related items.*Bear not included

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Upgrades Cash Upgrades · Angel Upgrades · Gold Upgrades
Other Planets Moon · Mars

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