This is the central hub for the new version of the contest. The central difference between this and the Fortune 500!, other than the hacking of the game by the creator, and the removal of the page, is the fact that the competitors are working together to eliminate the hackers from the race. These are the guidelines for the competition:

No Hacking: We can, for the most part, use mathematical evidence to confirm hacking, so please don't. I don't want to use a complex formulaic proof to disprove your legitimacy, it takes too long.


Note: {qwerty} denotes info

        [qwerty] denotes optional



Sig. explanation of score. When started, if any multiplier, when obtained.

Unlocks completed; upgrades available

total cash: scientific notation (10^(3n+3) notation {billions, trillions, decillions, etc})

total angels: scientific notation (10^(3n+3) notation {billions, trillions, decillions, etc})


Multiplier Bonus: ________

Total Percentage Bonus: _____

Any extraneous info: {i.e., how you got to this point, modifications used, mega time gap, etc.}


{Same thing as Earth's order}

Secondly, you can run in more than one profile. You just have to denote which profile you are logging in for.

Other than that, have fun, Capitalists! Who knows what we shall achieve when rivalry becomes the center of production!

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