Money is the base currency in AdVenture Capitalist. It is used for all business-related upgrades, managers, and angel investor accumulation.

Due to the game's exponential nature, cash balances go well beyond numbers generally seen in real life.

To easily use the numbers, refer to the table below. To find a number for 10x, add the desired units (i.e. 5 for quinand 50 for quinquagintillion), multiply the result by 3, add 3, and link the prefixes and suffixes. Thus, quinquinquagintillion equals 10((50 + 5) × 3) + 3 or 10168.

These numbers are generally called -illions because they each end in illion.

Prefix Unit Grade 1 Suffix Unit Grade 2 Suffix Unit
-illion 0 -centillion 100
un- 1 -decillion 10
duo- 2 -vigintillion 20
tre- 3 -trigintillion 30
quattuor- 4 -quadragintillion 40
quin- 5 -quinquagintillion 50
sex- 6 -sexagintillion 60
septen- 7 -septuagintillion 70
octo- 8 -octogintillion 80
novem- 9 -nonagintillion 90

Because the game uses double floats for storing numbers, 21024 is the highest number expressible. This number equals roughly 179.77 uncentillion. Exceeding this value will result in an integer overflow and your money balance resets to zero

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