Mars is the third planet released in the game. Like the Moon, it is complete with all of its own businesses, separate money and angel system, and its own original background music. Money on Mars is counted in "Mars Credits".

After unlocking Mars, you may travel freely between Earth and Mars (and the Moon if it's unlocked) via Mission control. Businesses will continue running if you have managers, and when you return, you will be notified of how much money was earned in your absence. 

Mars currently acts as its own game. There is currently no way to move money between any of the planets and Mars. Money you earn on Earth cannot be spent on Mars for example, or vice versa. When you first reach Mars, you will not have any angels there since each planet has separate angel systems. The only link it has to your game on Earth is through Mega Bucks, but since Mega Bucks cannot be converted back into any usable form of currency, there is effectively no way for your game on Earth to affect your game on Mars (other than Mega Bucks earned on Earth being converted to Mega Boosts and those boosts being applied on Mars investments).

Mars is unlike Earth and the Moon in that progress is extremely fast

Businesses Edit


Initial Cost


Initial Time (seconds)

Initial Profit

Initial Productivity

Red Dirt

0.05 1.01 0.5 0.011 0.022
Marsies 1 1.03 3 1 0.(3)
Men 1,234 1.05 9 4321 480.(1)
Buggles 23,000,000   1.07 32 ~4.007 million ~125 thousand
Heck Portal 49 billion 1.11 64 (1:04) ~519 million ~8.11 million
Ambassadors 77 trillion   1.04 4 ~501 million ~125 million
Brain-cation 5 quadrillion   1.07 18 ~7.54 billion ~419 million
LiFE Pod 1 quintillion 1.09 42 ~69.3 billion ~1.65 billion
Terrorformer 13 septilion 1.25 43,200 (12:00:00) ~99.8 quadrillion ~2.31 trillion

Profit MartiansEdit

The true first place is taken by Profit Martians, they are a more active way of earning credits. Deploying them doubles profits. Clicking on them while deployed adds 1 second to the timer. Once the cooldown has begun, clicking reduces it by one second. Using an auto-clicker can keep the double credit buff going indefinitely.

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