Welcome to Manager Mania I!!! Edit

Manager Mania I main screen

Mananger Mania I was the first Live Event of AdVenture Capitalist, it was released on February 23th, 2017 and lasted until February 25th, 2017. This short event had several differences compared to other events, some of them being the abscence of Managers to run the investments offline and abscence of Angel Investors and, therefore, Angel Upgrades.

The theme of this event is a boxing match between Earth manager W.W. Heisenbird and Earth Accountant Gus Pollos. The title of the event may also be a reference to WrestleMania, a professional wrestling event, produced by WWE.

Badges Edit

Badge Unlocked at Image
Manager Mania Badge 51 W.W. Heisenbird
Manager Mania Badge
TV Champion Badge 799 Gus Pollos
TV Champion Badge

Unlocks Edit

Unlock Level Business Effect
Coop Wars 50 W.W. Heisenbird Profits of W.W. Heisenbird x2
Manager Mania Plaque 51 W.W. Heisenbird Earn the Manager Mania badge
Bird On A Wire Transfer 100 W.W. Heisenbird Profits of Gus Pollos x0.5
No Eye Pecking! 150 W.W. Heisenbird Profits of W.W. Heisenbird x3
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 150 W.W. Heisenbird Profits of Gus Pollos x0.5
Better Call Salisbury 200 W.W. Heisenbird Profits of W.W. Heisenbird x4
Challenger Purse 295 W.W. Heisenbird Earn 20 Gold
Feather Pluckin' Insane 111 Gus Pollos Profits of Gus Pollos x3
Right in the Gizzard 222 Gus Pollos Speed of W.W. Heisenbird profits x0.8
Double Down Regrets 444 Gus Pollos Profits of Gus Pollos x4
Below the Belt 666 Gus Pollos Speed of W.W. Heisenbird profits x0.8
World Television Champion! 799 Gus Pollos Earn the TV Champion badge

"Businesses" Edit

The businesses on this event were not actually investments, but the managers themselves.

Image Manager Base Cost Coefficient Initial Time (s) Base Profit
W.W. Heisenbird $12.00 1.09 1 $2.00
Gus Pollos $65.00 1.03 10 $13.00

Cash Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Cost Manager Effect
I'm the "Greatith Eva"! 1,001.00 W.W. Heisenbird profit x6
This One's an Ear Biter! 300,001.00 Gus Pollos profit x6
Tribal Face Tats 1,000,001.00 W.W. Heisenbird profit x12
Tiger Pets 10,000,001.00 Gus Pollos profit x12
A "Bithar Individual 100,000,001.00 W.W. Heisenbird profit x18
Conquering Souls 1 billion Gus Pollos profit x18
Pigeon Feed 9 billion W.W. Heisenbird profit x24
Billion Dollar Baby 80 billion Gus Pollos profit x24
Discombobulating Devastating 500 billion W.W. Heisenbird profit x50
Handful of Clouds 3 trillion Gus Pollos profit x222

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