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Insert Coins to Continue is the Arcade-themed event for June 2016. It began June 8th and ended on June 15th. On April 20th 2017, the event had become replayable, for a duration of 7 days.

The event features a Button Masher that, when pressed repeatedly, will double the speed of one video game.

Badges Edit

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Badge Name Requirement Badge Image Profit Bonus
Arcade 6 Explosive Dudes
Bomb 60 Fightingfrogs
Red Laser Gun 175 Primate Paradise
Silver Blade 110 Space Worm Ted x20 to the Cheese Mine on Moon

Video Games Edit

Video Game


Base Cost Coefficient Initial Time (s) Base Profit
Explosive Dude Jeffrey Explosion 2.5 1.75 5 0.25
Silver Blade Silvia Brooks 5 2 8 0.75
Primate Paradise LeCrank 7.5 2.25 11 1.25
Flemmings Pick N. Flick 10 2.5 14 1.75
Fightingfrogs Kermy D. Frogger 12.5 2.75 17 5.25
Crow & Jack Jackie Draven 30 3 20 15
Street Skid 2 Mark Skid 50 3.5 35 36.25
Rad Cap Coolio Squints 70 4 45 67.5
Space Worm Ted Theodore James 125 4.5 60 131.25

Angels Edit

The angel investors formula is 105 × (sqrt Lifetime Earnings ÷ 1015) as of 14 June 2016.


  • There are two typos in the event. The first one is in the Button Masher's description, where is states "...then speed up it's [sic] effect...". The second one is "Checkout [sic] the shop for more info!" "it's" isn't being used correctly, and "Checkout" should be split.
  • The first day of the event, upgrades were much more expensive, rendering the event unbeatable. It was fixed the next day, but still being too slow, the event was nerfed severely the last day of the event, making completion occur in only several hours.

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