Earth is the starting location of AdVenture Capitalist. When the game is launched for the first time, a tutorial is presented. After the tutorial is completed, you can invest in businesses.

Businesses Edit

Main article: Businesses

There are a total of 10 businesses on Earth:


Managers Edit

Main article: Managers#Earth

Managers are upgrades that enhance business productivity. Earth is the only planet to have all three categories of managers: normal, accountant, and discount.

Swag Edit

For Earth's swag see: Swag (Earth)

Unlocks Edit

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Unlocks are very similar between investments. Traditionally each unlock is equally spaced from the next, with some variation. At the start of Earth, for all investments except Newspapers, unlocks will double the speed of the investment for the first 6 unlocks. The 7th unlock and onward will instead multiply the investment in question's profits instead of its speed. The amount which it is multiplied by usually depends on if an unlock happens to land on a significant number of that investment, such as 1000, 5000, etc.

Unlocks for certain amounts of all investments will, at first, double the speed of all investments, up until the 7th unlock, where it will then double the profits instead of the profit speed.

Newspapers have more complicated unlock patterns. The first 3 unlocks double its speed, but the proceeding unlocks create a pattern of multiplying the profits of other investments instead of itself. To make up for this, unlocks are placed at 25 Newspapers each until 1,250 Newspapers, where it becomes 50, and 2,000 Newspapers, where it becomes 100.

Upgrades Edit

Main article: Upgrades

Upgrades increase the profits by adding income multipliers to the businesses. Like the other planets, there are three categories of upgrades on Earth: Cash Upgrades, which are bought with money, Angel Upgrades, which are bought by sacrificing Angel Investors, and Gold Upgrades, which are bought with Gold.

Other AdVentures Edit

When you reach $1 trillion, you will be given the option to launch a rocket to the Moon or Mars, which offers a slightly different Capitalism experience. Going to another planet does not harm your Earth game, as you can switch back and forth between the bodies easily. Resetting your game to claim your angels on Earth does NOT reset the countdown for the other planets.

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