Cash Upgrades are Upgrades bought with cash. They multiply specific profits of different businesses. After resets, they will always need to be re-bought.

The list below shows the Upgrades available on the Moon.

Upgrade List Edit

Name Business Price Description Reference
Shiny Buckles Moon Shoe $332.5 thousand Moon Shoe profit x3
Soft Soulful Music Gravity Booth $665 thousand Gravity Booth profit x3
Open Late Payday Clone $1.33 million Payday Clone profit x3
Dark Matter Engines Moon Express $6.65 million Moon Express profit x3 Reference to Futurama, where spaceships use dark matter as combustible.
Moon Beverages Oxygen Bar $13.3 million Oxygen Bar profit x3
Benevolent AIs Helium-3 Farm $33.25 million Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Crackers Cheese Mine $1.665 billion Cheese Mine profit x3
Low Gravity Mascots Amusement Park $133 billion Amusement Park profit x3
Fresh Meat Werewolf Colony $665 billion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Mini-Clone Assistants Giant Laser $3.3 trillion Giant Laser profit x3
Air Filters All businesses $10 trillion All profits x9
Limited Warranties Moon Shoe $30 trillion Moon Shoe profit x3
More Colors Gravity Booth $70 trillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Friendly-Gene Splicing Payday Clone $150 trillion Payday Clone profit x3
Sarcastic Robot Moon Express $275 trillion Moon Express profit x3 Bender from the show Futurama
Cushy Barstools Oxygen Bar $433 trillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Crash-Proof Harvesters Helium-3 Farm $266 trillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Tea Cheese Mine $665 trillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Trampoline Land Amusement Park $931 trillion Amusement Park profit x3
Brush Kiosks Werewolf Colony $2 quadrillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Underground Lair Giant Laser $3 quadrillion Giant Laser profit x3
Monorail To Earth All businesses $7 quadrillion All profits x9
Luna Kahuna $13 quadrillion Angel Investor effectiveness + 1%
Almoond Milk All businesses $500 quintillion All profits x9
Cleat Upgrades Moon Shoe $26 sextillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Mars Gravity Setting Gravity Booth $67 sextillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Celebrity DNA Samples Payday Clone $93 sextillion Payday Clone profit x3
Adorable Fuel Generator Moon Express $133 sextillion Moon Express profit x3 Nibbler from Futurama
Memorable Jingle Oxygen Bar $266 sextillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Particle Shovels Helium-3 Farm $465 sextillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Biscuits Cheese Mine $665 sextillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Moon Merchandise Amusement Park $997 sextillion Amusement Park profit x3
Flea Bath Spas Werewolf Colony $2 septillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Abundant Henchmen Giant Laser $3 septillion Giant Laser profit x3
Lake Armstrong Install All businesses $10 septillion All profits x9 An artificial lake on the moon in Star Trek
Heavenly Glow $20 septillion Angel Investor effectiveness + 1%
High Heel Extensions Moon Shoe $5 nonillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Fresh Air Simulator Gravity Booth $10 nonillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Fancy Hats Payday Clone $20 nonillion Payday Clone profit x3
Questionable Staff Doctor Moon Express $40 nonillion Moon Express profit x3 Dr Zoidberg from Futurama
Moon Pretzels Oxygen Bar $160 nonillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Lunar Almanac Helium-3 Farm $280 nonillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3 Farmer's Almanac, a long-running publication
Crumpets Cheese Mine $500 nonillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Sassy Security Guards Amusement Park $690 nonillion Amusement Park profit x3
Basketball Team Werewolf Colony $725 nonillion Werewolf Colony profit x3 Teen Wolf (1985) (Film)
Hat Shurikens Giant Laser $833 nonillion Giant Laser profit x3 Oddjob's Hat

(James Bond - Goldfinger)

Anti-Radiation Pills All businesses $975 nonillion All profits x9
Halle-Luna! $4 decillion Angel Investor effectiveness + 1%
Lead Toed Moon Shoe $9 decillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Bigger On The Inside Gravity Booth $20 decillion Gravity Booth profit x3 The Tardis from Doctor Who
War-Ready Options Payday Clone $100 decillion Payday Clone profit x3
Wise Janitor Moon Express $200 decillion Moon Express profit x3 Scruffy from Futurama
Pub Food Oxygen Bar $421 decillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Arts And Crafts Helium-3 Farm $655 decillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Scones Cheese Mine $825 decillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Space Food Amusement Park $5 undecillion Amusement Park profit x3
Angsty Teens Werewolf Colony $25 undecillion Werewolf Colony profit x3 Twilight, book and film series
Chubby Hitmen Giant Laser $50 undecillion Giant Laser profit x3
Objectivist Rhetoric All businesses $100 undecillion All profits x9
Automatic Laces Moon Shoe $75 duodecillion Moon Shoe profit x5 Back to the Future (1985) (Film)
Idiot Proofing Gravity Booth $210 duodecillion Gravity Booth profit x5
Over Night Delivery Payday Clone $353 duodecillion Payday Clone profit x5
Shiny Metal Assets Moon Express $635 duodecillion Moon Express profit x5 Variant on a catchphrase of Bender from Futurama
Comfortable Stools Oxygen Bar $900 duodecillion Oxygen Bar profit x5
Conspiracy Deterrent Helium-3 Farm $9 tredecillion Helium-3 Farm profit x5
Cucumber Sandwiches Cheese Mine $22 tredecillion Cheese Mine profit x5
Low-G High-Cal Treats Amusement Park $60 tredecillion Amusement Park profit x5
Team Jacobi Methoc Werewolf Colony $132 tredecillion Werewolf Colony profit x5 "Team Jacob" was a set of the Twilight fandom while awaiting the release of the final book. Jacob was a werewolf.

The Jacobi Method is used in numerical linear algebra.

Evil Laugh Track Giant Laser $367 tredecillion Giant Laser profit x5
Trademarked All businesses $1 quattuordecillion All profits x9
New Moon All businesses $1 sexdecillion All profits x9 One of the phases of the lunar cycle.

The title of the second book in the Twilight series.

Among The Stars $1 septendecillion Angel Investor effectiveness + 3%
Racing Stripes Moon Shoe $18 septendecillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Ocean Sounds Gravity Booth $6 septendecillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Regenerating Limbs Payday Clone $79 septendecillion Payday Clone profit x3
Dark Matter Litterbox Moon Express $110 septendecillion Moon Express profit x3 Nibbler from Futurama poops dark matter (which is used as fuel on the ship)
Happy Hour Oxygen Bar $220 septendecillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Comm Jammers Helium-3 Farm $399 septendecillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Novelty Slicers Cheese Mine $666 septendecillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Security Drones Amusement Park $911 septendecillion Amusement Park profit x3 September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S.
Howl Festival Werewolf Colony $4 novemdecillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
ZAP! Giant Laser $25 novemdecillion Giant Laser profit x3
Blue Filter All businesses $112 novemdecillion All profits x9
Wifi Upgrade Moon Shoe $200 novemdecillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Double Wide Edition Gravity Booth $356 novemdecillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Fancy Suits Payday Clone $518 novemdecillion Payday Clone profit x3
Deflector Dishes Moon Express $766 novemdecillion Moon Express profit x3
Snarky Shrink Oxygen Bar $3 duovigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Buggalo Fences Helium-3 Farm $6 duovigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3 Buggalo are large spotted insects farmed like cattle in the show Futurama. However, these creatures inhabited Mars (they also bear a similarity to Buggles in Mars mission)
Comfy Blanket Cheese Mine $12 duovigintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Staff Indoctrination Amusement Park $50 duovigintillion Amusement Park profit x3
Bacon Treats Werewolf Colony $212 duovigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Robot Voice Giant Laser $367 duovigintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Easy Mooney All businesses $1 tresvigintillion All profits x9
Wheelie Upgrades Moon Shoe $25 quattuorvigintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Family Accommodations Gravity Booth $60 quattuorvigintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Narcissis Implants Payday Clone $177 quattuorvigintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Insurance Insurance Moon Express $239 quattuorvigintillion Moon Express profit x3
Free Peanuts Oxygen Bar $432 quattuorvigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Cow Catchers Helium-3 Farm $801 quattuorvigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Assorted Jams Cheese Mine $2 quinvigintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Free Oxygen Amusement Park $8 quinvigintillion Amusement Park profit x3
Anti-Flea Collars Werewolf Colony $22 quinvigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Multi-coloured Death Giant Laser $59 quinvigintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Crescent Hats All businesses $444 quinvigintillion All profits x9
Rank And File $3 sexvigintillion Angel Investor effectiveness + 3%
Hush Doggies Moon Shoe $12 septenvigintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Sun Simulator Gravity Booth $24 septenvigintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Perma-smiles Payday Clone $48 septenvigintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Refreshing Zlurm! Moon Express $96 septenvigintillion Moon Express profit x3 Zlurm is a parody of Slurm from Futurama
Air Fresheners Oxygen Bar $192 septenvigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Robot Roosters Helium-3 Farm $384 septenvigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Doilies Cheese Mine $968 septenvigintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
2 For 1 Days Amusement Park $15 octovigintillion Amusement Park profit x3
Carbon Fiber Combs Werewolf Colony $35 octovigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Escape Proof Ropes Giant Laser $100 octovigintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Crater Tourism All businesses $1 novemvigintillion All profits x3
Astronaut Editions Moon Shoe $100 novemvigintillion Moon Shoe profit x5
Rotating Doors Gravity Booth $200 novemvigintillion Gravity Booth profit x5
Loyalty Detectors Payday Clone $300 novemvigintillion Payday Clone profit x5
Trusty Dog Moon Express $400 novemvigintillion Moon Express profit x5 Seymour from Futurama
Authentic O2 Oxygen Bar $500 novemvigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x5
Flashy Overalls Helium-3 Farm $600 novemvigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x5
4-Ever-Sharp Slicers Cheese Mine $700 novemvigintillion Cheese Mine profit x5
Ubiquitous Travellators Amusement Park $800 novemvigintillion Amusement Park profit x5
Industrial Strength Curlers Werewolf Colony $900 novemvigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x5
Beeping Dial-Thingys Giant Laser $999 novemvigintillion Giant Laser profit x5
Moon Madness All businesses $5 trigintillion All profits x5
Novelty Tongues Moon Shoe $10 trigintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Anti-Doll-Lack Devices Gravity Booth $20 trigintillion Gravity Booth profit x3 The Daleks are an enemy the show Doctor Who.
Height Adjusters Payday Clone $55 trigintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Renew Canceled Contracts Moon Express $90 trigintillion Moon Express profit x3
Pillow Lounges Oxygen Bar $180 trigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Extra Red Barns Helium-3 Farm $400 trigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Fancy Mining Helmets Cheese Mine $750 trigintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
All The Parades Amusement Park $2 untrigintillion Amusement Park profit x3
K-9 Dentistry Werewolf Colony $4 untrigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Even More Henchmen Giant Laser $14 untrigintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Moon The Earth Day All businesses $50 untrigintillion All profits x3
MPS Trackers Moon Shoe $400 untrigintillion Moon Shoe profit x3 Probably "Master Production Schedule"
Skylights Gravity Booth $700 untrigintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Cloned Cloners Payday Clone $1 duotrigintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Discounted Pizza Delivery Moon Express $3 duotrigintillion Moon Express profit x3
Broken Jukebox Oxygen Bar $19 duotrigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Superflous Silos Helium-3 Farm $55 duotrigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Mice Focus Groups Cheese Mine $123 duotrigintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Low Gravity Child Care Amusement Park $200 duotrigintillion Amusement Park profit x3
PACK Meetings Werewolf Colony $600 duotrigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3 The Cub Scouts are an club organization for young boys, similar to the Boy Scouts. They refer to their chapters as "Packs" and when they meet, it is a "Pack Meeting".
Laserproof Lasers Giant Laser $888 duotrigintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Moon Hats For All All businesses $1 tretrigintillion All profits x3
Now In Black Moon Shoe $5 tretrigintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Wheelchair Accessible Gravity Booth $25 tretrigintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Clone App Payday Clone $125 tretrigintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Captain's Boots Moon Express $625 tretrigintillion Moon Express profit x3 Leela, from Futurama, is the captain of the Planet Express ship and is known for her iconic boots.
Extra Bubbles Oxygen Bar $3 quattuortrigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
A Hoe Helium-3 Farm $5 quattuortrigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Coffee Breaks Cheese Mine $65 quattuortrigintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Earth Land Amusement Park $246 quattuortrigintillion Amusement Park profit x3
Discount Aerial Discs Werewolf Colony $500 quattuortrigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Recycled Photons Giant Laser $808 quattuortrigintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Pep Talks All businesses $1 quintrigintillion All profits x9
Air Aldrins Moon Shoe $2 quintrigintillion Moon Shoe profit x3 Air Jordans are a popular line of shoes sponsored by Michael Jordan. Air Aldrins would be sponsored by astronaut Buzz Aldrin instead.
Free Companions Gravity Booth $4 quintrigintillion Gravity Booth profit x3 The main supporting characters in Doctor Who are referred to as 'companions'.
Open 672 Hours Payday Clone $8 quintrigintillion Payday Clone profit x3 The length of a Moon day (a single rotation) is roughly 672 hours, or 28 Earth days.
New Paint Job Moon Express $16 quintrigintillion Moon Express profit x3
Conversation Bots Oxygen Bar $32 quintrigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Totes McGoats Helium-3 Farm $64 quintrigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Curd Refiners Cheese Mine $128 quintrigintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Loompa Uniforms Amusement Park $256 quintrigintillion Amusement Park profit x3 Oopma-Loompas were workers in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (1964) (Book)
Fashionable Chew Toys Werewolf Colony $512 quintrigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Shoulder Straps Giant Laser $1 sextrigintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Elevator Music All businesses $100 sextrigintillion All profits x9
Spring-Loaded Moon Shoe $125 sextrigintillion Moon Shoe profit x2
Effective Custodians Gravity Booth $150 sextrigintillion Gravity Booth profit x2
Goatee-Installations Payday Clone $175 sextrigintillion Payday Clone profit x2
Crash Insurance Moon Express $200 sextrigintillion Moon Express profit x2
Ultimate Pingball Oxygen Bar $225 sextrigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x2
Rustic Lessons Helium-3 Farm $250 sextrigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x2
Saltine Supplements Cheese Mine $275 sextrigintillion Cheese Mine profit x2
Unamusement Expansion Amusement Park $300 sextrigintillion Amusement Park profit x2
Tail Warmers Werewolf Colony $350 sextrigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x2
The Clap-Turner-On-er Giant Laser $400 sextrigintillion Giant Laser profit x2
Free Crepe Thursdays All businesses $500 sextrigintillion All profits x2
Rocket Boots Moon Shoe $1 septentrigintillion Moon Shoe profit x11
Causality Disruptors Gravity Booth $10 septentrigintillion Gravity Booth profit x11
Rapid Evolution Payday Clone $100 septentrigintillion Payday Clone profit x11
Teeny Tiny Aliens Moon Express $1 octotrigintillion Moon Express profit x11
Napkins Oxygen Bar $10 octotrigintillion Oxygen Bar profit x11
Beard Implants Helium-3 Farm $100 octotrigintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x11
Nose-Friendly Clothes-pegs Cheese Mine $1 novemtrigintillion Cheese Mine profit x11
Amusement Protocols Amusement Park $10 novemtrigintillion Amusement Park profit x11
Bacon Air-Infusers Werewolf Colony $100 novemtrigintillion Werewolf Colony profit x11
Out-Of-place Puppies Giant Laser $1 quadragintillion Giant Laser profit x11
The Mega Upgrade All businesses $10 quadragintillion All profits x11
Flashy Toes Moon Shoe $1 unquadragintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Training Mode Gravity Booth $7 unquadragintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
At Home Kits Payday Clone $29 unquadragintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Extra Rockets Moon Express $66 unquadragintillion Moon Express profit x3
Fuzzy Chairs Oxygen Bar $129 unquadragintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Reapers Helium-3 Farm $233 unquadragintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Lactose Filters Cheese Mine $555 unquadragintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Historical Wing Amusement Park $900 unquadragintillion Amusement Park profit x3
Now Accepting Were-dogs Werewolf Colony $3 duoquadragintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Dance Parties Giant Laser $20 duoquadragintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Giant Domes All businesses $111 duoquadragintillion All profits x3
Blue Steel Toed Moon Shoe $1 quinquadragintillion Moon Shoe profit x3 Zoolander (2001) (Film)
Trip-N-Fall Achievements Gravity Booth $2 quinquadragintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Even More Clones Payday Clone $3 quinquadragintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Free Limbo Lessons Moon Express $4 quinquadragintillion Moon Express profit x3 Hermes, from Futurama, is a renown Limbo competitor.
Exciting And New Snacks Oxygen Bar $5 quinquadragintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Luna Forming Helium-3 Farm $6 quinquadragintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Deep Delvers Cheese Mine $7 quinquadragintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Happy TM Amusement Park $8 quinquadragintillion Amusement Park profit x3
Sheep Clothing Werewolf Colony $9 quinquadragintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3 An idiom "A wolf in sheep's clothing"
Warning Shots Giant Laser $10 quinquadragintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Thneed Sales All businesses $100 quinquadragintillion All profits x3 The Lorax by Dr. Seuss (1971) (Book)
No-Knot Laces Moon Shoe $1 sexquadragintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Booth-Shaped Booths Gravity Booth $3 sexquadragintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Rent-a-Clones Payday Clone $7 sexquadragintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Pay Off Authorities Moon Express $25 sexquadragintillion Moon Express profit x3
EZ-Breathers Oxygen Bar $75 sexquadragintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Radiation-Proof Buckets Helium-3 Farm $151 sexquadragintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Cheese Scientists Cheese Mine $400 sexquadragintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Parks N Wreck Amusement Park $600 sexquadragintillion Amusement Park profit x3 Parks and Rec[reation] is a government organization that oversee public facilities.

Parks and Recreation is also a popular television show.

Ball-Throwing Robots Werewolf Colony $900 sexquadragintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
A Guy Named Jeff Giant Laser $2 septquadragintillion Giant Laser profit x3 Jeff Hecht is an author who specializes in lasers and fiber optics.
Earth-Shaped Pinatas All businesses $6 septquadragintillion All profits x3
Anti-Dust Coating Moon Shoe $19 septquadragintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Pocket Edition Gravity Booth $66 septquadragintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Fantastic Bedside Manner Payday Clone $123 septquadragintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Smarter Crashes Moon Express $299 septquadragintillion Moon Express profit x3
Friendly Shores Oxygen Bar $667 septquadragintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Sapient Livestock Helium-3 Farm $901 septquadragintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Tooth-Picks Cheese Mine $2 octoquadragintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Curiously Friendly Staff Amusement Park $53 octoquadragintillion Amusement Park profit x3
No Brick Houses Werewolf Colony $200 octoquadragintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3 In the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs, the wolf is ultimately foiled by a brick house.
Magnitude Enhancements Giant Laser $500 octoquadragintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Alimoony All businesses $1 novemquadragintillion All profits x3
Scratch Proofing Moon Shoe $1 unquinquagintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Attractive Decals Gravity Booth $2 unquinquagintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Bulk Discounts Payday Clone $4 unquinquagintillion Payday Clone profit x3
More Sass Moon Express $8 unquinquagintillion Moon Express profit x3
Romantic Course Set Oxygen Bar $16 unquinquagintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Manure Containment Field Helium-3 Farm $32 unquinquagintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Garnish Cheese Mine $64 unquinquagintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Wiley Villains Amusement Park $128 unquinquagintillion Amusement Park profit x3
Foxes Welcome Werewolf Colony $256 unquinquagintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3 Probably a reference to the film The Fox and the Hound (1981)
Evil Injections Giant Laser $512 unquinquagintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Mandated Siestas All businesses $1 duoquinquagintillion All profits x3
Earth Scented Moon Shoe $2 trequinquagintillion Moon Shoe profit x5
Gold Memberships Gravity Booth $5 trequinquagintillion Gravity Booth profit x5
Low Interest Financing Payday Clone $11 trequinquagintillion Payday Clone profit x5
Sports Physicists Moon Express $23 trequinquagintillion Moon Express profit x5 Amy from Futurama
Low-grav Peanuts Oxygen Bar $47 trequinquagintillion Oxygen Bar profit x5
Novelty Weathervane Helium-3 Farm $95 trequinquagintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x5
Little Tomatoes Cheese Mine $191 trequinquagintillion Cheese Mine profit x5
Overnight Accomodations Amusement Park $383 trequinquagintillion Amusement Park profit x5
Fur-Free Beaches Werewolf Colony $767 trequinquagintillion Werewolf Colony profit x5
Number 2 Giant Laser $5 quattuorquinquagintillion Giant Laser profit x5 The character Number 2 in the Austin Powers films.
Lunatics Anonymous All businesses $125 quattuorquinquagintillion All profits x5
Shoe-Horns Moon Shoe $1 sexquinquagintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Low Carb Gravity Gravity Booth $14 sexquinquagintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Protocol 67 Payday Clone $114 sexquinquagintillion Payday Clone profit x3 In Star Wars, Clone Protocol 66 was a directive to clone troopers to exterminate the Jedi.
Philosphical Burritos Moon Express $234 sexquinquagintillion Moon Express profit x3 Possibly a reference to xkcd comic #1269
Gluten Free O2 Oxygen Bar $444 sexquinquagintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Trusty Wheelbarrows Helium-3 Farm $888 sexquinquagintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Cubed Meat Cheese Mine $23 septquinquagintillion Cheese Mine profit x3
Seriously Catchy Music Amusement Park $99 septquinquagintillion Amusement Park profit x3
Riding Hood-Free Zone Werewolf Colony $423 septquinquagintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3 The classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.
Epic Sound Effects Giant Laser $567 septquinquagintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Celestial Body All businesses $899 septquinquagintillion All profits x3
Lil' Booties Moon Shoe $1 novemquinquagintillion Moon Shoe profit x3
Digital Booths Gravity Booth $3 novemquinquagintillion Gravity Booth profit x3
Water-Resistant Payday Clone $9 novemquinquagintillion Payday Clone profit x3
Seasonal Renewal Moon Express $27 novemquinquagintillion Moon Express profit x3
Darts Oxygen Bar $81 novemquinquagintillion Oxygen Bar profit x3
Space Hamsters Helium-3 Farm $234 novemquinquagintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x3
Balrogg-Free Installations Cheese Mine $356 novemquinquagintillion Cheese Mine profit x3 In Lord of the Rings, the Balrogg lived deep within the Mines of Moria
Actual Space Mnt. Amusement Park $432 novemquinquagintillion Amusement Park profit x3 Space Mountain is a ride at Disneyland
Blue Moon Steaks Werewolf Colony $567 novemquinquagintillion Werewolf Colony profit x3
Earth Homing System Giant Laser $836 novemquinquagintillion Giant Laser profit x3
Cookies All businesses $1 sexagintillion All profits x3
Grants Wishes Moon Shoe $10 unsexagintillion Moon Shoe profit x15 Wizard of Oz (1939), Dorothy is granted a wish by tapping her shoes together.
Cleans Your Teeth Gravity Booth $100 unsexagintillion Gravity Booth profit x15
Do Your Taxes Payday Clone $1 duosexagintillion Payday Clone profit x15
OP Deliveries Moon Express $10 duosexagintillion Moon Express profit x15 Popular meme that the Original Poster (OP) of a thread never follows through (delivers) on promises.
Self-Breathing Air Oxygen Bar $100 duosexagintillion Oxygen Bar profit x15
Ambition Crops Helium-3 Farm $1 tresexagintillion Helium-3 Farm profit x15
The Cheese Stands Alone Cheese Mine $10 tresexagintillion Cheese Mine profit x15
Cryo-Frozen Host Amusement Park $100 tresexagintillion Amusement Park profit x15 Urban legend that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen.
Romantic Subplot Werewolf Colony $1 quattuorsexagintillion Werewolf Colony profit x15
Big Red Button Giant Laser $10 quattuorsexagintillion Giant Laser profit x15
The Very Large Upgrade All businesses $100 quattuorsexagintillion All profits x999

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