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AdVenture Capitalist is a "classic"-style Idle Game developed by Hyper Hippo Productions and published by Kongregate. It starts with some clicking and quickly advancing to mostly just checking in every so often to buy more things. It has a few interesting twists that make it unique: Angel Investors that permanently boost the profits, but can only be claimed by "resetting" the game; a focus on really, stupendously huge numbers; and an adorable, attractive art style and catchy soundtrack that never gets old! The goal of the game is to get the most amount of money possible.


The game has three playable planets, one starting planet and two unlockable planets. It also has monthly events that can be played for a limited time.


Main article: Earth

Earth is the starting location of AdVenture Capitalist. When the game is launched for the first time, a tutorial is presented. After the tutorial is completed, you can invest in businesses. Reaching $1 trillion, the option to launch a rocket to the Moon or Mars will be given/ which offers a slightly different Capitalism experience.


Main article: Moon

Moon is the second planet released in AdVenture Capitalist. It was the first alternate planet added to the game, the second being Mars. It costs $1 trillion to start the mission to the Moon.


Main article: Mars

Mars is the third planet released in the game. Like the Moon, it is complete with all of its own businesses, separate money and angel system, and its own original background music. Money on Mars is counted in "Mars Credits".


Main article: Events

Events are periodic updates that allow players to access a bonus "planet" with new businesses, managers, and upgrades, They are only playable for about a week's time and are usually released at or around some sort of real life holiday or celebration. Players who complete these events in the allotted time are rewarded with unique badges, Mega Bucks, and even gold.


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